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Baby wearing

Baby wearing

One of the most difficult activities with a little baby is definitely traveling. It becomes even trickier if you plan to travel with your newborn. That’s because, it is not very advisable to use stroller for new babies. Hence, babies need to be carried all the time. If you have extensive walking involved, the travel experience will only become more tiresome. Here is when the baby carriers will come handy.

Baby carriers or baby slings are increasingly becoming popular modes of carrying your baby as you will absolutely sure about your little one’s safety. Also, babies love to be carried along and when they are close to their mothers or fathers, they tend to be less cranky letting you enjoy your outdoor experience. More than your convenience and comfort, it is the comfort of your child that is of extreme importance. Babies love it when they close, cuddled up to you and with the baby carriers or the baby slings, you will give your little one all the warmth and love he will yearn for. All these things have made baby wearing a popular option. While your child will get all the comfort, you will get a world of convenience as both your hands will be free to enjoy your travel – whether it is grocery shopping, window shopping at a mall or simply vacationing. All this has made a baby carrier or a bay sling an almost must-have travel accessory for your little one.

It is not just the convenience or the comfort factor that ranks high with baby wearing, it is also a great way to bond with your little one. The safety of your baby is an added advantage. Baby carriers come with extra padding and head support which will ensure that your baby’s comfort is maintained as a top priority. While both baby carriers and baby slings offer almost similar level of convenience, both these have their own share of pros and con. It is always recommended that you do some research on your end and pick that which is the most suitable to you.

Baby carriers are usually made for a little older baby. Most of these carriers can be used for a baby nine months or older. The one feature that is really good with baby carriers is that they come with two shoulder straps which divide the weight of your baby equally on both your shoulders so that you don’t feel any pain. Baby slings, on the other hand, are made with one shoulder strap and are worn across the torso. Using a baby sling can hence become slightly difficult if you have a heavier baby. But the good thing is that, you can use a baby sling for a baby as little as a month old. If you have an older baby, the baby carrier backpack is perhaps the best way to carry your kid. Baby slings cannot be used for toddlers and are specially meant for infants. Ergo baby carriersare the best when it comes to backpack baby carriers. They keep your baby secure with all the safety harnesses and gives you great comfort and convenience.

Since baby slings are designed to be worn across the torso, they allow for discrete breastfeeding which might slightly become difficult when you use a baby carrier. Baby slings however, don’t come with any safety harness like a carrier so you will have to be extra cautious.

When it comes to style, nothing beats the attractive prints, patterns and designs that is associated with baby slings. The Hotslings baby carrieris a very popular baby sling that is popular for its attractive designs. It comes in beautiful prints and gorgeous colors so you can even match it complement your outfit. Baby carriers however are pretty much standard in design and are not really trendy.

With things like baby carriers and slings; traveling with a little baby is easy and fun. The key to let your baby enjoys the travel is to make sure that he or she is comfortable. With these modes of carrying your baby, his or her comfort is definitely ensured. This being taken care of, all you will need to do is carry along all your baby stuff so that he or she enjoys the travel experience as much as you do. 

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