A Closer Look at the Asus EEE Pad

The advancement in our technology nowadays paved the way for various high-end gadgets to come into being and plagued the market just like the Asus EEE Pad. This new high tech device is what we commonly call today as a tablet pc where the central processing unit and everything it needs to work are put together in one slim tab that is easy to carry and portable. Several people are so into buying this kind of tablet PC because of the advantages and benefits they get compared to owning a desktop or a notebook computer. If you are not yet familiar with this new device, here are some points that you may want to check on. We will take a closer look at this tablet PC from Asus which can change your mind about buying a laptop or a desktop.

Asus EEE pad is a Windows-run tablet pc with an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. The RAM of this tablet PC is 512MB and storage capacity varies from 16GB up a maximum of 64GB SSD. If you want to increase the memory capacity, you can use a memory card as it has an extension slot. The screen display of this top of the line gadget can be compared to a notebook PC as it has a 10 inch display. For those who love taking pictures or frequently on video chat, this has a 0.3 pixel web camera. This has Hi-def audio codec stereo speakers that are perfect for those who love listening to music or sound tripping.  Just like any notebook and laptops today, this is already wi-fi ready, compatible with B, G, N, DLNA connections. The table PC from Asus also has an HDMI port which can be used to connect it to a television for a TV output. However, the HDMI cable is not provided for this one. Asus EEE pad is very easy to carry as its weight is only 675 g and the size is only 264 x 160 x 12.2 mm. Not worry about connecting it to other devices because this has USB port and a card reader. That’s really sassy, right?

There are so many advantages in using and buying this Asus EEE pad. Of course, if you will base it in size and weight, this is very easy to carry and handy and you don’t have to worry about the weight it has on you. Slick! The design of this tablet pc is also world class and elegant, making you look elegant and classy. Even if it is a touch screen pad, you have the option to attach it to a regular keyboard and this is an advantage over laptops or desktop computers.

Definitely, this is a good investment! If you want to get to know more of this exquisite Asus EEE pad and have a feel of it, you can always visit a computer shop and check with them.

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