A Cleaning Routine for a Tidy House

All too often, children think that growing up means knowing how to keep your home tidy. But many adults find that staying on top of the housework is no more self-evident than it was when they were children. Are you having this issue? Read on and develop a cleaning routine that will help you keep up with your housework.

One good thing to do as a starting point is dividing your house into six or seven compartments. You can then spread these over the week; for example, you can clean bedrooms on Monday; hallways, landings and stairs on Tuesday, Bathrooms and kitchens on Wednesday, Living room and dining room on Thursday and windows on Friday. This allows you to cut up the house into manageable sections rather than feeling you need to do a million things at once.

At the same time, you can make a list of things you do every day. For example, the dishwasher needs doing daily and wiping down the kitchen counters is equally necessary on a daily basis. Laundry is done on such and such a day, but sheets are washed every Friday to give everyone a clean bed for the weekend – for example. Again, you’re cutting things up into daily manageable portions.

Keep your cleaning supplies in easily accessible places (although child-proofing is obviously important!) and keep it in clusters per room. For example, bathroom cleaners stay with bathroom cleaners and furniture polish stays with the appropriate cloths. This allows you to easily grab the stuff you need and wander off to clean the room in question. In fact, if you can’t keep your cleaning supplies in the appropriate room, keep the supplies for each room in a small bag per room so you can easily take everything out of your cupboard. Not only will it make things be more convenient, it will also keep your cleaning cupboard from turning into a mess.

If you keep a diary, write your chores for the day in at the beginning of every week, so you can keep track of what you need to do on a daily basis. Alternatively, a chore chart is easily printed off online and, while it may seem a bit juvenile, will easily help you keep track of what needs to be done and when.

Keeping a cleaning routine can save you an unbelievable amount of time. If you have trouble staying on top of the housework, start considering these tips as a way to keep on top of your chores and keep your home tidy and clean.

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