A Christmas Carol: Add Some Culture to the Run-up to Christmas

A Christmas Carol is Charles Dickens’ wonderful story about Ebenezer Scrooge’s unwilling quest to find out what Christmas is all about. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come show him everything he needs to take him from a tight-fisted miser to a generous – and happy – man who’s learned the joy of sharing what he has with his fellow man. As such, the Christmas message borne by this tale is very strong and many people feel that its sense of sharing what we have with those less fortunate has become a bit lost in today’s society.

Obviously, this lovely story of redemption and Christmas spirit is a great tale to get you into the mood for the season. But did you know that making A Christmas Carol into your seasonal celebrations could bring great things about in a variety of ways?

For a start, family togetherness is a big theme this holiday season and reading anything together is a great way to promote this. Whether you read this novella to your children or trade off pages, reading A Christmas Carol together and discussing the implications can be an unbelievable way to bring your family closer together.

When you’ve finished the story, you can watch some of the cinematographic version, including the Muppets version and some of the others which have been produces throughout the years. You can discuss the implications and, as each chapter draws to a close, discuss what you and your children or relatives feel will happen next.

This can easily become an annual tradition, and before you know it you’ll be associating the words of the story with Christmas and anticipating the annual reading with a lot of eagerness! It also opens the door to more reading throughout the year, or reading specific tales of Christmas around the Christmas season.

For children who are still coming to grips with reading, this is a great thing that can help them take further steps in this development. Literacy is a very important basic skill that all people need in our society, regardless of what career they have chosen to follow.

Not being able to read is a social and professional problem and learning to do so fluently and happily is a great foundation for all other subjects. Moreover, reading stimulates the imagination and allows you to relax on a level that is otherwise difficult to attain; those for whom reading is a regular activity often find it easier to let go of life’s daily stresses and problems.

By allowing your child to read this, and other stories, to you – no matter how old they are or how good they already are at reading – you can check that they are grasping the complexities of English pronunciation and help them find their voice as well as getting lost in the story together.

And so you see that A Christmas Carol, while a timeless classic, can also help improve your family’s life, and your family life, across the board. By making this novella part of your Christmas traditions, you could be breathing life into an old tale and a lot of new improvements.

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