55 inch TV size for high definition watching experience

Nowadays TVs come in sizes from 5 inches to more than 100 inches including the 55 inch TV. To measure a TV you must measure it diagonally across the screen.

So a 55-Inch TV dimensions would measure across its screen diagonally(D) plus it’s height(H) and the width(W). Such a large display based on latest screen technologies like liquid crystal display or plasma display accommodated astutely in your living room can mesmerize even your most cynical friend.

a 55 inch TVCRT Televisions had a maximum size of 40 inches because of space constraints but with the advent of smarter technologies, stepping up your TV size is the best use of money.

Before buying a larger TV Screen size

Post TV purchase, most buyers complain that they did not go for something that is big enough.  A person wishing their screens were smaller is something which is never heard of.

However the maximum limit of the screen size should be primarily determined by one’s budget, taste and the viewing distance which the room can accommodate.

Some of them fear that a bigger TV might overpower the room but one has to keep in mind that over the past 10 years TVs have evolved in a great way aesthetically, so it’s always nice to see large screens being integrated with the beauty of the room.

While placing a 55 inch TV it has to be ensured that at least one inch space is spared on the sides and top of TV cavity to allow for dissipation of the heat generated.

Viewing Distance of a 55 Inch TV

Viewing Distance is probably the most critical factor although HD TVs would allow you to sit pretty close to the screen without any appreciable degradation in the picture quality.

However as far as your eye is concerned any increase in display size increases the ideal viewing distance. So to be on the safer side for a 55 inch TV screen size the viewing distance should be at least four meters. Again sitting too far away may mean you miss some of the high-definition detail you paid for.

Viewing angle of a large TV Screen size

Viewing angle is a major factor that affects a TV’s performance. A TV would give its best output when viewed straightforwardly, at a height where the eyes are at par with the middle of the screen. So keeping a TV stand to support the TV and raising it to the optimum viewing height is very essential.

Light from lamps and outside sunlight can also affect the TV’s picture. Too much or too less amount of light can result in eyestrain and headache. The best results are obtained by placing a moderate lamp somewhere near the TV so as to create a low-level ambient light.

Prices of a typical 55 inch TV

High end HD or LCD TVs never come cheap in fact sky is the limit for these gizmos. However to keep things simple a rough estimation can be provided. A typical 55 inch TV would cost you around $1500 to $2000 but more sophisticated and multi featured variants may make you cough up nearly $3500

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