9 of the Best Plastic-Free Teabags

For those that do their utmost to compost kitchen scraps and fruit and vegetable peelings, you might be surprised to learn that the humble teabag contains plastic. Therefore, it’s not recommended that you put them in the compost bin. So what do you do if you are concerned about the amount of waste you are sending to landfill, but you don’t want to give up your morning cuppa? Thankfully there are some companies that are now producing plastic-free teabags. So we can all enjoy a good cup of tea without any guilt. Of course, don’t forget, the best way to reduce waste is to drink loose-leaf tea that doesn’t come in any kind of bags.

PG Tips Extra Strong Pyramid 80 bags Teabags: was £2.99 now £2.00

Plastic-Free Teabags All PG Tips teabags are now plastic-free. So you don’t have to drink some weird herbal fruit tea to go plastic-free. Moreover, PG tips support the tea farmers to earn a proper living wage and have access to good housing, medicine and education.

Waitrose Duchy Organic everyday tea bags, 100 bags: £3.50

Plastic-Free Teabags

If you like strong, rich tea this one is for you. It is a blend of full-bodied Assam and Ceylon teas with a rich heritage from over 100 years ago.

Pukka Organic Elegant English Breakfast Tea Bags 20 per pack: £2.49

Plastic-Free Teabags Hand-picked whole tea leaves means a fuller flavour, and they are also Fair Trade. Brew slowly for a fuller flavour.

Clipper Everyday Tea, Organic (80 bags): £3.25

Plastic-Free Teabags

Only the finest tea leaves are selected for this organic range, picked from Fairtrade estates in India, Sri Lanka and Africa. These plastic-free teabags are also non-GM and contain no bleach.

Roqberry Chinese Trio: £7.50

Plastic-Free Teabags

Not only are these teabags plastic-free but you can recycle all the packaging. These teas are rich and earthy with a smoky taste with sweet after tones.

Twinings The Earl – 20 Pyramid Bags (Individually Wrapped): £5.30

Plastic-Free Teabags All of Twining’s Pyramid teabags are plastic-free. If you don’t like Earl Grey, choose one of the other flavours which are individually wrapped. Perfect for BNB’s.

Abel & Cole English Breakfast Tea, Rise & Shine, Organic (15 bags): £4.00

Plastic-Free Teabags

Malty black Assam tea is perfectly matched with refreshing Sri Lankan leaves to make a bold tea which is brewed in pyramid plastic-free teabags.

Teapigs Everyday Brew (15 bags): £4.15

Plastic-Free Teabags

Teapigs are renowned for leading the industry in plastic-free teabags and they have created an amazing range of flavours and tastes. This is their everyday brew blending Assam, Ceylon and an African tea and they use the whole leaf, no bits or dust.

Brew Tea Co. CO2 Decaffeinated Tea – Proper Tea Bags: £5.59

Plastic-Free Teabags Brew Tea Co. use the whole leaf which is rolled and then placed in large teabags made of cornstarch which release a full flavour.



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