8 Makeup Tips for Older Women



When we are younger, we apply make-up in the hopes to look older and more grown-up. When we get older however, we are already grown-up and the emphasis is now on looking more youthful.

Many of us are still using the same make-up products we have for the last twenty or so years. By applying the new lightweight products, that contain innovative ingredients, we can achieve a fresher and brighter appearance.

Here are our tips for make-up for older women:

  • Use a Primer

Most women get into a routine of using a heavy foundation to cover imperfections, particularly when they get older. Try instead to combine a good primer with a lighter cream foundation.


We picked Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer because it contains antioxidants grapeseed, vitamins A & E and green tea which help minimize fine lines and pores.

It stays on all day and creates the perfect base for your make-up.

  • Apply a lightweight Foundation

If you have been using tinted moisturizers then don’t bother, the colour is not strong enough to cover ageing skin. Find a cream foundation that matches your exact skin tone and then apply with a brush.

Using a brush creates a better coverage and avoids that ‘caked on’ look. Never use a powder as this adds texture and older skin already has enough texture.


We like Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Foundation SPF15. It is a natural looking foundation that stays put for longer and contains SPF which helps maintain ageing skin.

It also hydrates whilst it is in place and the oil-free formula never looks caked on.

  • Use a concealer

Concealers should be used in the exact skin tone as the foundation, so when you purchase the foundation buy the concealer at the same time.

Use them on any areas that have dark age spots, or shadows, such as under the eyes. You want a concealer with a drier consistency so that it stays put.


One product that stood out from the rest was Chanel Eclat Lumière with its velvety texture. You can buy it in five shades and it gives a natural coverage without sinking into wrinkles.

  • Fill in your eyebrows

As we age our eyebrows tend to get sparser and thinner. One way to instantly freshen up your look and take years off your age is to fill in your eyebrows.

Use a soft matte eyebrow pencil and start from the nose and with short sweeping strokes flick outwards towards the corner of the eyes.


We recommend The Body Shop Eyebrow Definer for its perfect colour choices and great customer reviews.

Customers say it is the ‘best eyebrow pencil ever’ and makes their eyebrows look ‘really natural’.

  • Ditch the eyeshadow

This is going to be hard for some ladies, but as we age, the creases in our eyelids deepen, and product just tends to sit there and accentuate it.

So, the trick is to just use a little eye pencil on lids near the corners of the eyes to give a bit of definition to the eyelashes.


If you are looking for the softest kohl pencil on the planet, look no further than MAC. I’ve been a fan of MAC Eye Pencils for years, ever since I discovered a gorgeous plum colour called Prunella.

They are super soft and glide on with the merest touch.

  • But do use the mascara

Before you start using mascara, try curling your lashes, it actually make a difference as it helps to lift sagging eyelids.

Lashes should look full and luscious not long and thin, so use a mascara with moisturizer, focus on thick and full products and avoid lengthening ones.


We love Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Black. Each eyelash is coated with weightless fibres that add volume and plump up even the thinnest lash.

  • Put on the blush

It is important that once you have applied foundation you give your face some definition, otherwise it will look flat.

With a brush not your fingers, place some cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, this gives more emphasis nearer the eyes.This helps to combat the effects of gravity as it draws the eye away from any sagging jowls.


We like Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush as it is enriched with vitamin E and helps to give a dewy rich glow.

  • Love your lips

When we get older our lips get thin and wrinkles can appear around the outside. It is tempting to hide these ageing signs and not use any product at all, but there are tricks to minimise them.

Use a good moisturizing cream around the outside and then choose a nude colour of lipstick that is one shade darker than your lips. Then, using a lip pencil the same colour as the lipstick, draw a line around the outside of your lips and then fill in with the lipstick.

This will make your lips look much fuller.


Our favourite lipstick is Lancôme L’Absolu in 06 Rose Nu. This is just one of around 30 colours available, so you are sure to find your perfect match.

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