£8 ‘Barely There’ Shoe set to outsell Celebrity Favourite Vibram FiveFingers?

The weird-looking but celebrity favourite – Vibram FiveFingers shoe was no doubt one of the best-selling running shoes of 2011, and it was all thanks to its celebrity fan base. Stars such as Scarlett Johannson, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo Di Caprio and our very own Prince Harry were seen out wearing the five-toed shoe and this gave it credibility. The price tag however, may have put off some of us normal folk and if you were one of those who wanted a pair but dreaded paying the average of £70, then why not check out these £8 options from Spanish company One Moment.

Designed for barefoot runners who want to experience running as close to the ground as possible, these shoes have a sole that is just 2mm thick, and they are made from 100 per cent natural materials, which will eventually, once no longer in use, biodegrade. The company say that they were inspired to create the product after observing tribes living in the Amazon who painted the soles of their feet with a fine latex from the Hevea trees. This enabled them to walk more easily around the jungle, especially during the wet and rainy seasons. The latex eventually wore off which gave the company the idea of using a biodegradable material.

One Moment describe the product as, “A modern, sober and elegant style, combining technology and designed to offer maximum comfort and grip. Each pair is unisex and from January there will be a XXS children’s range available. In keeping with the perpetual colour-blocking trend customers can choose from a range of eye-catching shades including lipstick red, lime green and bubblegum pink.” The shoes are supposedly designed for many different uses including running, cycling, surfing, walking and wearing on the beach. Some scientists however, believe that wearing no shoes is better than wearing flimsy ones with no supprt. One person, Professor Daniel Howell, who has spent 95% of his life walking barefoot comments, “Walking and running are extremely complicated from a biomechanical perspective … and if you add a device to your foot, it alters it. For most people, under most circumstances, most of the time, barefoot is the healthiest and most natural way to be.” Here is the blurb about the One Moment shoe:

Comfort, design, functionality and environmental respect. OneMoment® is a new shoe “Made in Spain”, alternative to traditional solutions. It integrates useful, design, functionality and environmental respect.

A modern, sober and elegant style, inspired in Nature, combining technology and designed to offer maximum comfort and grip every step.

Elastic materials, softly adapting to the foot’s exact form.

Ergonomic design

Perfect foot breathing / ventilation

Anti slip soles. Maximum grip.

Micro/compact packaging. Always on you !

1mm thickness around your foot and 2mm on your sole. A revolution in the shoe industry !

His or hers? Unisex !

The shoes come in 7 colours: lime green, black, lipstick red, white, dark blue, shiny yellow, bubble pink and 5 sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L.

To buy visit http://www.onemoment.es/en/compra.php5

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