7 Awesome (and 1 slightly strange) Games Console and Controller Mods

Just about everything can be customised these days. It seems we are never satisfied with the bog standard models that we purchase from manufactures anymore. The desire to be different is manifested in the way we constantly want to change and add things to a product. Anyone can own a generic, off-the-shelf piece of kit, but mods take work and, as such, stand as a testament to a gamer’s dedication to his craft.

So here is a look at some of the ways gamers have customised their consoles and their control pads, from the outright awesome to the slightly more bewildering.

Giant NES Controller


Ok, first on the list is a truly crazy modification. On this occasion, size truly is everything. We can’t really pretend to understand why, but the owner of this bad boy wanted to shake up his gaming life by supersizing his input device.

It can hardly be regarded as a particularly practical modification: calling it cumbersome would be a grave understatement. However, you’d also have to be fundamentally defective to deny that it looks like a lot of fun to use. Who doesn’t want to try smacking at giant red SNES buttons with the palms of their hands to provoke on-screen reactions?

PS2 Toaster Edition

ps2 toaster

This one is quite an odd piece of kit but it sure does look interesting! A PS2 in the shape of a toaster. Not sure how well it will make your breakfast but it gets top marks for ingenuity! Once again, we can’t pretend to know why, but why not, eh? At the very least, it makes for a real conversation starter, even if that conversation soon ends with everyone thinking you’re a bit strange.

Evil D Wood Grain

Are you going for that sophisticated real wood effect? You could fashion yourself a controller out of real wood! That’d probably take a long time, a lot of effort and result in a lot of splinters. So, alternatively, there’s this kit, a nice wood-effect decal for your Xbox controller.

Ferrari Game Pad


This has to be one of the coolest controllers out there. It’s an absolute beauty. It’s easy to see the influence of the Ferrari cars in the design here. Accelereation and braking is optimised due to the dual progressive triggers and the optical wheel has an automatic centering feature which allows for extreme precison.

This one looks to be the weapon of choice for gamers with a real taste for racing looking to recreate all the claustrophobic, adrenaline-fuelled intensity of life in the cockpit.

Sonic the Hedgehog Game Gear

Sonic the Hedgehog Game Gear

This one is included on the list because it’ll bring back such a flood of memories for those of just the right age to remember the ill-fated Game Gear. The console didn’t find much success, mostly thanks to its unwieldy size, huge battery drain and indomitable competition from Nintendo’s Game Boy.

This decal really sums up the essence of the Game Gear era, with that deliciously 1990s art style, lovingly rendered. The only downside is that we’d be scared to play the thing, lest we risk corroding the paint with our sweaty, nostalgic hands.

Flashing Wireless Game Pad

This is bound to add excitement to any game room. This sleek design controller with 2.4 GHz of wireless technology flashes whilst you use it to enhance the all action experience. It has newly installed left and right shoulder buttons to make playing that little bit more enjoyable. Use in a dark room for best results.

Steampunk Controller


Image from steampunkcostume.com

This one gets included just because we love steampunk. Steampunk is awesome. Look at those awesome old-timey buttons! We can only fantasise that turning the key in the middle produces a great big clunking noise, followed by a couple of spurts of steam before stirring the unit to life. We can dream. Nonetheless, look at it!

My Little Pony Xbox 360

Apparently there’s a whole subculture of people out there on the internet, dedicated tirlessly to their fandom of the recent ‘My Little Pony’ resurgence. They’re known as ‘Bronies’. Bronies really love My Little Pony. Some so much that they’ll emblazon their consoles with rainbow decals and all manner of flair aimed at proclaiming their love for the technicolour, anthropomorphic horses.

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