6 of the Best Corded Vacuum Cleaners of 2019

The New Year is the perfect time for spring-cleaning. And many people use this time of year to buy themselves a new vacuum cleaner.

If you are in the market for a new corded vacuum cleaner have a look at our recommendations:

Shark Duoclean Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner With Powered Lift-Away Plus – was £329.99 now £199.99

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This is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used. I bought it 6 months ago because I have two dogs that continuously shed hairs. The motor on this cleaner is so powerful it hugs the carpet and pulls it up. It is the strongest suction I have ever come across. I love the lift away bin. It makes cleaning the stairs so easy, especially with the motorised brush. I give this cleaner 10 out of 10 and it is ideal for pets. The bright lights on the front are brilliant too because you can vacuum in the dark!

SEBO Automatic X7 ePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner, White – £259.00

vacuum cleanersThis vacuum cleaner comes with a 5-year guarantee so you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong you are covered. We love the innovative way the brush is controlled and operates at always the right height for the surface. There’s also an auto-shutdown mechanism. It has a powerful 890W motor and a sealed bag to enable strong suction.

Henry Harry/HHR 200-11/900050 Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 9 Litre, 620 W, Green – £113.90

vacuum cleanersNot only has this won awards (Winner of Which? Best Buy Award) but my sister swears by it. She runs an Air BnB and is a complete clean freak so she knows a thing or two about cleaning. When I was looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner this was the one she recommended. But as I don’t like cylinder ones I chose the Shark instead. She likes the capacity of this Harry cleaner and the turbo pet hair brush. The filters contain charcoal which stops odours too.

Miele Complete C3 Pure Red Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner – C Rated – was £249.00 now £149.00

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Anyone that has owned a Miele will be a loyal customer for life. This cylinder offering has had rave reviews and is now 100 quid off, making it really affordable. It is lightweight and has a special shut mechanism that ensures a tight fit when the bag is fitted. Tested to last 20 years.

Vax UCPMSHV1 Air Lift Steerable Pet Max Upright Vacuum Cleaner – £179.00

vacuum cleanersThis is a good value vacuum cleaner for homes with pets as it features a turbo brush for picking up even the most stuck on pet hairs. Easy to manoeuvre but without a silly ball in the middle and you can recline it fully to get underneath sofas and beds. Lots of extra tools that you’ll actually use.

Vorwerk VK200 – £749.00

vacuum cleanersNow if you have just won the lottery you might want to splash out on this beast. You can only get it online or by having a demo in your home. But if you happen to live in a multi-bedroomed mansion, we’d recommend it. It has a lot of amazing features for the price, it removes 99% of allergens, can detect the type of surface it is on, is nice and quiet and energy efficient too.

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