5th Avenue by Halle Berry: What was she thinking!?

Here I was, all ready to enthuse about Halle Berry’s brand new shoe collection, when I actually got a glimpse of them on the Deichmann website and thought, ‘Good grief, who is she designing these for?’ It was as if she had been asked ‘Okay, so who is my demographic?’ And German footwear company Deichmann have told her, ‘Frumps with no money!’ I could not believe the awful range of shoes she has put her name to.

I mean, Halle Berry is one of Hollywood’s most glamourous stars, who wears the most gorgeous gowns to premieres and award shows, and has a fashion sense all of her own. So to see the dire collection of shoes she is endorsing was a shock. They do not look as if they have anything to do with her or her iconic look. They are completely devoid of taste, style, any sense of what is fashionable, and I guess the only plus point is that they are cheap. Her wedge sandals are reminiscent of what my granny would wear, and the platform court shoes have not nearly enough platform to be called as such.

Apparently, Berry created the 5th Avenue collection with the footwear firm’s designers and says she hopes that her latest line will be a hit with friends back in LA. I bet they will! Berry said: “I gave some of the shoes to some of my friends back in LA and one of the greatest compliments that came back was how comfortable the shoes really are. I think that’s for women today and how much we are on our feet and how much we walk. Having a shoe that’s comfortable as well as stylish is just as important as being affordable quite honestly.”

So Halle wears comfortable shoes does she? But surely you can design a pair of comfortable shoes that do not look as if you have an orthopedic problem? Still, she is trying her best to flog them in Germany, here in the UK and back home and she is pushing the comfort factor. She said: “I wear what’s comfortable. I wear sort of seasonal shoes, like the collection now is for fall and winter. So I always try to stay within the season in the country that I’m in. But I go for fashionable comfort.” Hmm, you could have fooled me.

Deichmann owner Heinrich Deichmann added: “We are very pleased that Halle Berry is our new partner. She is an internationally renowned artist and a global style icon.” Well she was, I’m not so sure now. To show you what I mean, here are a few pairs, and trust me, these are the best of a bad bunch:

Ankle Boot – £59.99

The heel height on this ankle boot measures 8.8 cm, the colour is dark blue with a tan heel, materials are the upper is leather, the lining & sock are textiles. 

Platform Court Shoes – £34.99

The heel height on this platform court shoe measures 10.4 cm, the colour is green with a multi-coloured rose on the toes, materials are upper and lining & sock are leather.

Court Shoes – £34.99

The heel height on this court shoe measures 9.6 cm, the colour is honey with a snakeskin look at the back, the materials are upper and lining & sock are made from leather.

Shoulder Bag – £34.99

A fabulous bag in blood red by Halle Berry. Length is 26cms, Height measures 18cms and the Handle Length is 5cms. The Strap Length is adjustable and the Material is leather.

Pictures of Halle Berry Credit: The YBF

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