3 winter boot styles for the fall

Wear the 'vintage' thigh highs the Hollywood way!

Wear the ‘vintage’ thigh highs the Hollywood way!

Winters around the bend and what better way is there to stay on top of your fashion game, without freezing to death, than including a pair of chic boots to your wardrobe. With Christmas sales galore there is probably no better time, than right about now, to go ahead and buy yourself a pair of those stylish foot warmers.

There are a multitude of style options to choose from this season, irrespective of your heel preference, from those thigh high wonders to riding boots and the ever popular fringe boots. This Christmas it’s all about picking the right style and working it!

While thigh high boots may seem a tad bit vintage, they definitely give an outfit that incredibly sexy  look. It’s most certainly a good balance of the classic and flirtatious, an aura that only the thigh high boot can exude.

Last season Jean Paul Gautier, John Galliano, Tommy Hilfiger, Barbara Bui and Christopher Bailey incorporated the thigh high boots into their fall/winter collections and they were all the rage on catwalks across the world, they were essentially the hottest trend and being as hot as they were they’re still doing the rounds in fashion capitals of the world and then some.

It’s easy to be a wee bit skeptical about wearing thigh high boots (what, with all the fashion gone wrong coverage!) so when you find yourself flummoxed turn towards the fashion runways and draw inspiration (of course not all of what you see will be wearable, even outlandish, but inspiration comes in a variety of ways!). Team up your patent leather thigh highs with a lace skirt and a jacket to emulate the Burberry Prorsum show or just pair them with a great pair of leggings. The thing about thigh highs is that they’re so feminine, coupled with the fact that it lengthens the look of your leg is more than enough to say that this versatile style is here to stay.

Leather Riding boots

Leather Riding boots

Leaving the vintage femininity of thigh high boots behind, riding bootsis another style that’s making a comeback in a big way. This season my wish list definitely has a pair of leather riding boots on it (and with high priority!) Personally I would say riding boots can never go out of style. You can wear them with practically anything under the sun and still look chic, that is the versatility of riding boots. At one point in time I would only wear boots with heels but now with riding boots on my radar (and the host of styles and colors they come in) heeled boots are a thing of the past.  Especially since comfort is of utmost importance if you’re going to be wearing your boots all day long. Imagine walking around all day in a pair of heeled boots! Your feet are bound to scream in pain! Pair up your riding boots with a pair of shorts or summer dress for the casual day look during the fall or a pair of classic blue jeans if you’re headed out for drinks on chilly fall evening, it’s a good blend of casual and stylish with no hint of over dressed flamboyance.

This season fringes are all the rage, from hairstyles to clothes, bags and to shoes there’s little else that can carry off a fringe. While personally I’m not the biggest fan of the fringe on accessories and clothing, (to me it seems a little tacky) but then again there are a lot of others who would beg to differ. Now a fringe on sandals and flip-flops is just plain silly, in my opinion that is, but then again a little fringe on a nice pair of suede boots gives it the whole country western feel. Coupled with a nice pair of acid washed jeans and you’re all set to brave the cold that’s setting in. The triple fringe boot is ideal for those who feel they have spindly looking legs, the layered look takes away from the “skinniness” if you will. Fringe boots have this sort of bohemian look that can work well with skinny jeans tucked in.

All in all boots are and always will be a fashion statement though it’s best to choose your style wisely based on how often, when and where you plan on wearing them.

And in Nancy Sinatra’s words “…boots were made for walking….”  

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