$250,000 for World’s Most Expensive Black Diamond Nail Polish!

If you are thumbing through your wardrobe and come across that $37,000 black diamond encrusted Karl Lagerfield collar you bought last month and were wondering what nail polish would suit it, you’re in luck. Luxury jewelers, Azature, have created a one of a kind, completely limited edition nail polish that contains black diamonds, infused into the varnish. It’s not cheap however, the one off bottle will set you back a cool $250,000 but you’ll be satisfied to know that this varnish contains 267 carats of the sparkling black stuff. So while your nails and neck will look absolutely fabulous, your bank manager will be looking rather worried!

That’s if you are the lucky person who manages to snag a bottle, there’s only been one made apparently. For the more bargain conscious amongst us, you can get your manicured hands on a slightly cheaper version at $25 a bottle. The budget version will be available in black, brushes on with a glittery sheen and contains a single black diamond. You can purchase the cheaper $25 bottles in Fred Segal stores throughout Los Angeles. The creator of the Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish says that this one-off product has been targeted at the ‘one-percenters’. He added that the black diamond is the ‘ultimate fine jewel’, saying, “One day I thought, ‘why not showcase this style on nails?’ So I developed a Black Diamond Nail Polish with the same attention and quality as my jewelry in order to preserve the elegance of the black diamond.”

This is not the first time an extortionate nail polish has hit the stores. Models Own, a UK company, bought out the ‘Gold Rush Couture’ shade, aiming for the prized title of ‘most expensive nail polish in the world’ at $130,000. However, this nail polish merely came in a diamond encrusted bottle, there were no diamonds in the actual product. The bottle on the Models own version contained 1,118 diamonds and at the time set a new record for the most expensive nail polish. It also featured a hand-crafted lid made from yellow gold. With all the media focus recently on the female athletes and their nails and the colours and patterns they are using, it could be that this $250,000 bottle of nail varnish does actually get snapped up! We’ll have to see!

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