Get 2 of your 5 a day in a Super SaVse Veggie Smoovie!

We have all heard of the saying that we should eat our greens, and that we need five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, but how many of us actually achieve that? And trying to get children to eat vegetables can make tea times fraught with difficulties. So you’ll be pleased to learn that a new company called SaVse Smoovies has just made it a lot easier to get your five a day, as each bottle of their delicious veggie smoovies contain two portions of nutritious and tasty fruit and veg.


The vegetable smoothies are the brain child of Georgian mother Nina Koutibashvili who, 27 years ago, whilst living in Russia, was diagnosed with an iron deficiency during pregnancy. She was advised by her doctor at the time to drink a blend of spinach and apple juice to get her iron levels up again. Nina set about creating a delicious but natural juice drink, made from veggies, and her family loved the drinks so much that she even carried on making the drinks after her pregnancy had finished.


Then in 2011, her son, Guka Tavberidze, asked her why store bought smoothies didn’t taste as good as the ones his mum made at home, and Nina decided to go into business, making her own brand of vegetable smoothies.

She chose the name SaVse for her smoothies because in Russian Georgian this means ‘crammed’. She says: “We wanted to use our Georgian heritage to put ‘uniqueness’ at the core of the proposition.”


It wasn’t all plan sailing however, as Nina says they faced major challenges along the way when trying to combine vegetables and fruit, and at the same time maintaining great taste and nutrition. They found out that the conventional method of pasteurising was simply not going to work because they didn’t want to compromise on the finished results. Pasteurising is a common process which prevents decay but sees fruit and veg lose much of their nutritional value. As Nina wanted to make the drink nutritious as possible, they found a way of preserving the benefits of fresh vegetables right up to the point they are enjoyed – by applying cold pressure instead of the traditional heat. Apparently, the cold-pressure machine which is used to crush the vegetables using 90,000lbs per square inch, is the equivalent of being crushed by a herd of elephants.


The 250ml bottles retail for £2.49 each and are on sale at Selfridges, Harrods, Planet Organic and Fortnum & Mason, where they are fast becoming a best seller amongst mums who want to ensure their children are getting their vegetables, and are seeking an easy way to make sure this happens.

And suppliers to Harrods and Harvey Nichols say that they have has to increase stock twenty-fold to keep up with demand.

The great thing about the smoothies are that they do not taste like broccoli or beetroot, but are in fact a little sweeter. In fact, in a blind taste-test carried out before the product’s launch, 98 per cent of those asked to guess what they were tasting could not detect broccoli.


Guka said: “We’re absolutely thrilled by and proud of the reaction to our invention. Most people who blind taste test Savse simply don’t even believe that it contains vegetables. It tastes like an ultra-fresh version of a standard smoothie with a slightly zingier flavour.”

Savse Smoovies are available in three different flavours – broccoli, strawberry and beetroot.

For more information visit SaVse website or check out their Facebook page.

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