14 of the Best Scented Autumn Candles for the Season

autumn candles

For many of us autumn is our favourite month. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Keats could not have put it better. To celebrate all that is the wonderful month of autumn we have put together a list of the best scented autumn candles. Enjoy.

BridgeWater Bonfire Votive Candle – £1.74

autumn candles

All the evocative smells of a smouldering bonfire in autumn, including cedar wood and moss. It might be the smallest of our autumn candles but it will last for up to 15 hours.

From: candlesdirect.com

Wax Filled Tin Gingerbread House – £4.30

autumn candles

The tin has a Christmas theme but we always think that ginger is reminiscent of autumn. Give as a gift or use to scent your own house.

From: leekes.co.uk

Yankee Candle Autumn Night Small Jar Candle £6.74

autumn candles

We love Yankee Candles, there’s just so much choice. This is especially for the season and features woodland notes with smoky lavender. Burn time approximately 40 hours.

From: lovearoma.co.uk

Falling Leaves Pumpkin Pie Scented Natural Soy Candle – £8.00

autumn candles

Pumpkins are synonymous with autumn and this is a delightful blend of pumpkin, spices and sweet woodland leaves. Hand poured and made in small batches.

From: etsy.com

Stoneglow Juniper Berry and Cedar Candle Tin – £10.00

autumn candles

With a blend of all the woods, including cedar wood, sandalwood and the deep scent of patchouli and spicy black pepper and nutmeg. Burns for around 25 hours.

From: iwantoneofthose.com

Village Candle Autumn Comfort Small Jar Candle£11.87

autumn candles

All the scents of autumn here including pumpkin, nutmeg, sandalwood and maple. Features a clever double wick that burns with no smoke and less soot.

From: candlesdirect.com

WoodWick Warm Woods Trilogy Medium Jar Candle – £14.24

autumn candles

Lovely autumn scented candle here that delivers three fragrances as you go through the layers. All wood scents and includes a natural wick that crackles like a log fire. Burns for up to 100 Hours

From: candlesdirect.com

Landon Tyler Wild Berries 3-Wick Candle – £15.00

autumn candles

If you prefer ripe berries as opposed to woody scents this is a combination of cranberries and raspberries and has a lovely rich fruity smell. Three wicks provide a lovely flickering light.

From: joythestore.com

Oliver Bonas Pink Pepper & Gingerwood Scented Candle – £20.00

autumn candles

Lovely spicy fragrance here with base notes of smoking woods and citrus undertones. Comes in a beautiful bespoke gift box so would make a perfect gift.

From: oliverbonas.com

Autumn Botanical Pillar Candle – £26.00

autumn candles

With a blend of ripe pears, amber notes and quince with apricot highlights, this is like talking a stroll in a woodland at dusk. Burns for up to 63 hours.

From: thewhitecompany.com

Skandinavisk Hygge cosiness candle – £29.00

autumn candles

Stay cosy and warm with this comforting scent that evokes the Scandinavian trait of Hygge. Hand poured with hints of wild mint, strawberries and rose petals. Burns for up to 50 hours.

From: Selfridges.com

Tatine Woodsmoke candle – £49.00

autumn candles

If you love autumn candles that remind you of bonfires this is perfect for you. Part of the ‘Garden and Forest’ collection, this Woodsmoke evokes scents of cedar moss, smoking kindling, fir needles and cloves. Hand crafted using the purest of natural oils.

From: curiousegg.com

Jo Malone Log Fires – £55.00

autumn candles

Bring the scent of a roaring log fire to life with the smells that include smoky woods with base notes of Lapsang Souchong tea. Burns for around 40 hours.

From: joloves.com

Crofter Scented Candle – £95.00

autumn candles

The smell of rich peaty moss combined with an open log fire instantly transports you as the wooden wick crackles as it burns. It is the most expensive of all our autumn candles but it does last for around 72 Hours.

From: urbanreivers.scot

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