100mw laser – the kind and its use

This is an age of convenience. We always look for the things which will serve a lot of purposes in a single go. Technology has aided us in ushering in this age. Of the many products that have become a household item is the 100mw laser. Such a product like this is in huge demand these days and has flooded the markets. The 100mw laser is basically a kind of laser pointer. These are battery operated devices which needs to be changed or charged from time to time. They perform multiple functions. What pointers basically do is that they emit a very slim shaft of light which hits upon one’s object of focus. All that is necessary to focus on the object of interest is a spot, which is created by the beam on the object. Generally, according to the Jurisdiction of most areas high power laser pointers are not allowed because of its various harmful effects but thanks to its various functions and cost efficient nature, the 100mw laser has become a major rage these days.

The simple red one

The most widely bought and used is the 100mw laser which emits a red beam of light. This is the most simple of all the laser pointers since the color that is emitted from a laser diode is originally red in color and hence no modification of any kind has to be made. These are like all the pointers battery powered diodes. The diode used for laser pointers are of a special kind known as the laser diode. Many forms of laser diodes have been developed since the release of the first laser pointer. One of the most commonly used yet advanced kinds of diode used today in the pointers is a DPSS which is the short form of Diode Pumped Solid State. The first of the red light 100mw lasers were first released in the market sometime in the late 1980s. The products then, were very expensive. With the increase in the utility and manufacture the price has gone down a lot today and is easily available and readily used by all. The use of the DPSS has also helped the increased production and utility of the 100mw lasers.

Why the popularity?

There are many reasons as to why people feel comfortable using the 100mw laser pointers. The most important and attractive feature of this laser pointer is its various kinds of designs which are available in the market. Due to its small size, it is easily portable and can perform both indoor and outdoor functions. During video presentations or use of the monitors in lectures, seminars and classes they come in handy. The teacher or lecturer can easily mark out the area of interest to the students or the spectators with the help of the beam emitted from the 100mw laser. One does not have to take the trouble of adjusting the beam, since it can do so all by itself. However, since it is a high power laser pointer it should never be switched directly in front of someone’s eyes, since it can cause temporary or permanent damage of vision.

The 100mw laser pointers like most of the other high powered pointers are really useful.

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