10 things you need to know before booking a holiday in Dubai

Dubai with its unique attractions has become the most popular tourist destination worldwide. Even though Dubai always keeps its arms open for international tourists when compared to any other destinations in Middle East, you must still consider certain aspects before booking your trip to Dubai.  Let me list the top 10 things that will help in to get the best out of your Dubai Holidays:

  • Best Time to Visit:

Dubai has fluctuating weather conditions; some months of the year are extremely hot. Therefore the best time to visit Dubai is in winter which would be in between November and March. The weather is cool and mild, making a perfect holiday atmosphere.

  • Visa requirements:

Visa is the most important thing that you need to consider, citizens of certain countries like UK, USA, Australia etc. can get their visa on arrival. So, you need to first check with your travel agent to confirm your visa while booking your Dubai holiday.

  • Options for Accommodations:

Visiting any destination without the knowledge of accommodation with almost definitely results in a loss in money and time. A well planned holiday will make your vacation most memorable. There are wide ranging accommodation options offered by Dubai you can plan your trip well in advance and get the bookings done online before visiting Dubai.

  • Language:

Dubai is the city of the Arabs; you will need to communicate with them during your trip. Therefore having a basic knowledge of the main language of the place, which is Arabic, will help you, but most of the people can speak and understand English also.

  • Laws:

Dubai is one of the safest countries because of its strict rules and laws. Therefore it is your prime duty to know the laws of the place and follow them during your visit.

  • How to travel:

If you plan to travel by taxi to different places during your vacation then that would turn out to be expensive for you, as the taxi fares are expensive in Dubai. Renting a car would be the best option; you can visit the car rental pages for more details.

  • Avoid Ramadan:

Ramadan is considered as the most important month for Muslims and they fast during this month. During this period no individual including the tourists are allowed to eat or drink in the public places. Therefore it better to avoid your trip during this month.

  • Currency:

The currency of Dubai is UAE dirham; having knowledge about the currency before visiting the place it is always a plus point and will keep you away from many problems.

  • Dress code:

Many Arabic countries have particular dress codes but Dubai is much more flexible with its dress code.  Men and women are allowed to wear t-shirts and shorts.

  • Places to visit:

There are numerous places to visit in Dubai and plenty of things to do. If you are first-time visitor to Dubai, prior knowledge about the famous attractions is needed. Do little research and make a list of places which are worth visiting or hire a professional tourist guide to help you or you can also consult any travel agency who will hire one for you and make sure everything is taken care of. Plan everything in advance so that you can visit all the top attractions and have an exotic vacation.

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