10 of the Best Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts 2019

Not everyone loves Christmas pudding. In fact, if you have a Christmas cake, why would you serve a Christmas pudding alongside it? The thing is, you can make an entrance with a flaming pudding. So if you’re looking for an alternative you’re going to need something showstopping in its place. We have searched the supermarket shelves to find the best showstopping Christmas desserts to wow your guests.

ASDA Extra Special Gin & Gingerbread Roulade: £4.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

This is a lovely change if you want to get away from sickly-sweet chocolate or caramel. The meringue is soft and squidgy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It is filled with a gin and gingerbread flavour cream, toffee sauce, a biscuit crumbs.

Morrison’s The Best Smash Dome: £10.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

With layers of Belgian dark and milk chocolate mousse, butterscotch mousse, salted caramel sauce, plump raisins, shortcake biscuits, and chocolate sponge all topped with white and milk chocolate stars and shiny malt balls. The dessert is hand-finished with a gold-flecked Belgian chocolate dome, which is smashed before eating.

Iceland Croquembouche, 890g: £5.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

Choux buns filled with whipped vanilla cream and covered with chocolate and caramel sauce then sprinkled with edible gold stars.

Tesco Finest Passionfruit Sleigh, 550g, Serves 6: £8.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

Tesco proves you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a showstopping dessert at Christmas. This is a sponge base, with baked orange cheesecake on top, decorated with passion fruit mousse, golden dusted sponge pieces and chocolate.

Lidl Deluxe Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cottage, 800g: £6.99

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

If you like the theatre of lighting a Christmas pudding you’ll love this dessert from Lidl. Simply heat up the chocolate sauce and pour it in the chimney of the cottage. The chocolate shell of the cottage melts away just enough to reveal the mousse underneath, sitting on a biscuit base and hiding hidden gems such as white chocolate malted balls.

Sainsburys Taste the Difference White Chocolate and Raspberry Snow Dome: £12.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

A handmade dessert here from Taste the Difference at Sainsbury’s. You get the creamiest white chocolate mousse sitting on a delicate sponge. Inside are layers of rich raspberry compote, all encased in a crisp, feuilletine shell.

Heston’s Fig & Port Cheese Cake: £12.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

It looks like a huge round of cheese on a cheese board, but this is Heston don’t forget. Instead, when you cut into it you’ll find a delicious baked sour cream cheesecake, inside is a tangy fig and port ‘jam’ and it all sits on a biscuit ‘board.

M&S Woodland Yule Log, Serves 10: £15.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

There are logs and there are trunks. This hefty wedge is a chocolate-lovers delight. The chocolate sponge is filled and covered with layers of chocolate ganache.

Iceland Five Gold Rings: £7.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

This is so popular that Iceland brings it back every Christmas. The dark chocolate shell contains a dark chocolate Belgian mousse on a dark chocolate cookie biscuit base with a salted caramel sauce. To serve, pour the dark chocolate sauce from the top of the dessert.

Morrisons Black Forest Profiterole Gateau, 760g: £4.00

Showstopping Supermarket Christmas Desserts

Love profiteroles? Love Black Forest Gateau? Now Morrisons has combined two of your favourite desserts into one lip-smacking dessert.  This is a frozen dessert with a pastry base, topped with chocolate sponge, mousse and cherry sauce, then finished with profiteroles filled with a vanilla whipped cream.



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