10 of the Best Windproof Umbrellas for Any Kind of Weather

The weather has certainly changed for the worst, with rain forecast for the next few weeks. No one likes to get wet but is your brolly up to scratch? The winds are getting stronger so we are showcasing the ten best windproof umbrellas.

Storm-Proof Vented Umbrella: £8.74

Windproof UmbrellasThis is designed to be windproof and features a metal frame with a polyester canopy complete with vents. It comes with a matching sleeve.

Coopers of Stortford Vented Windproof Umbrella – Buy 1 Get 1 Free: £12.99

Windproof Umbrellas

Featuring special vents in the canopy which allows the wind to pass through without turning it inside out. It also has a very sturdy frame and a comfortable rubber handle. The umbrella opens with a button press and it comes with a handy shoulder strap.

Mountain Warehouse Windproof Umbrella: £19.99

Windproof Umbrellas

This umbrella opens automatically and features a stainless steel shaft with ribs made from strong shockproof fibreglass.

Susino Wind Resistant Botanic Floral Ladies Automatic Compact Umbrella: £19.99

Windproof UmbrellasWindproof umbrellas don’t have to be boring. This is a pretty floral umbrella but it is still strong and sturdy. It has a reinforced frame made to withstand winds and it opens and closes automatically.

Wonderdry – Inverted Umbrella Automatic: £24.99

Windproof UmbrellasFeaturing a reverse technology which turns inside out making it easier to use and stronger. It pulls the wet side in so you don’t get drips indoors. It also makes it easier to get in and out of cars as you can open it through smaller spaces.

Hunter Original Bubble Umbrella: £35.00

Windproof UmbrellasOne thing people complain about when out and about in wet weather is that they can’t see where they are going. Luckily these clever designers have taken a 60s classic and styled it into a strong umbrella for today. It features a reinforced plastic frame of fibreglass which means it withstands strong winds.

Available in red, black, yellow and olive.

Gust Buster Doorman 62 Vented Hook Handle Umbrella – NavyTop of Form: £39.95

Windproof UmbrellasIf you want a tried and tested windproof umbrella you might be interested in this one from Doorman. Tested to 55 miles an hour in a wind tunnel by the College of Aeronautics. This umbrella definitely won’t let you down in a storm. It has specially-shaped wind release vents which are patented protected.

Fulton Cyclone Umbrella: £42.00

Windproof Umbrellas

Another umbrella here that has been tested, this time to 78 mph. It features an extra-large canopy designed to withstand storms and a larger area to shelter under. There are strengthened fibreglass ribs in the frame.

London UnderCover Black Watch Tartan and Orange Double CG Umbrella: £140.00

Windproof Umbrellas

This is a stylish umbrella that features a steel frame and a strong polyester canopy. It has a wooden handle and a beechwood shaft finished with a silver tip.  Hand Made in London, England.

The Davek Elite – Classic Cane Umbrella: £149.00

Windproof Umbrellas

The Davek Elite is designed to be a strong windproof umbrella made using high-quality materials. It features a flexible wind tension frame that resists strong winds. The ribs are made using a high-grade fibreglass and the canopy uses material with a tight 210 thread count. Davek is so confident about this umbrella they offer a lifetime guarantee.

Available in copper, blue and black.


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