The 10 Best Prepared Cheeseboards for Christmas Day


Many people look forward to sampling from cheeseboards after the main event of the Christmas turkey, and putting out a spectacular selection is one way to finish off a great meal.

Cheeseboards can be used after the Christmas dinner, it can take the place of nibbles at a party, or for cheese lovers, it’s nice to have some different varieties in the fridge for a quick cheese fix.

We have selected some of the finest cheeseboards that have something we think for everyone.

Here’s our recommendations:

Aldi British Cheese Selection Pack, 0.46kg – £4.49


This is the perfect size for a couple that love cheese or a small family. You get five cheeses, including Red Leicester, white stilton, a mature cheddar, brie and a Shropshire blue. We like this election as there’s a good variety of cheeses to please every taste.

From: aldi.co.uk

Waitrose Perfect Cheese Board Selection, 490g – £4.80


An amazing bargain from Waitrose here that includes some great cheeses, including English Mature Cheddar, Long Clawson Blue Stilton, Belton Red Leicester, Wensleydale with cranberries and French Petit Brie, all chosen by Waitrose to complement each other. You don’t get an actual cheeseboard with this selection.

From: waitrose.com

M&S Taste of the British Isles Cheese Selection, 0.78kg – £16


Something for everyone here from M&S as it includes some old favourites such as cheddar and Red Leicester and for the more adventurous there’s a goat’s cheese, a festive brie and some rich blue cheeses too. There’s enough on this board to feed around 10.

From: marksandspencer.com

Waitrose 1 Cheese Selection, 0.8kg – £20


If you prefer creamy cheeses such as Gouda and gorgonzola this is the one for you, no sharp or bitter tastes here as it features a lovely manchego curado, a goat’s milk Gouda, a Saint Vernier and Berthaut’s affidelice au Chablis, a smooth cheese that has been washed in Chablis. Enough for around 8 people.

From: waitrose.com

M&S Cheese Bites Board, 900g – £25.00


Fancy little nibbles of lots of different types of cheeses? This cheeseboard contains mini morsels of some well-loved cheeses, including Blacksticks Blue, Double Gloucester, Farmhouse Red Leicester, Cornish Cove Cheddar and White Stilton® and Cranberry. You have to assemble the stack but you get three cheeseboards included.

From: marksandspencer.com

The Courtyard Dairy Christmas With A Twist, 0.96kg – £27.95


This is one of those cheeseboards that’s a little different but not too out there. It includes some really interesting cheeses such as the Cais Na Tire, Irelands take on manchego, a creamy Brie, a rich Devon blue and a red Leicester that is unpasteurized.

From: thecourtyarddairy.co.uk

Cheese Hub International Cheese Box, 800g – £28.00


If you love to try different cheeses that you haven’t heard of or would never find in a supermarket this tasting box is perfect for you. There are 8 artisan cheeses which you can choose from to add to your box. This is the international variety but there are others available including Welsh, English, Scottish, Spanish and Italian.

From: cheesehub.com

The Pong Christmas Extravaganza Box, 1469g – £47.95


Luxurious cheeses available in this box that would please the most discerning cheese lovers. A fabulous array of cheeses that include a Cheddar that has been aged in Wookey Hole caves, a Driftwood goat cheese that is strong and flavoursome and a tasty Blue Monday.

From: pongcheese.co.uk

The Fine Cheese Company Christmas Cake 2017, 1.75kg – £57


Why not make a statement with your cheese boards and have a huge stack of cheeses to last the whole festive season? This one contains a strong and tangy Langres cheese, a Cornish Yarg which is traditionally wrapped in nettles, and a particularly smelly fogeurs. You’d easily feed 20 with this product.

From: finecheese.co.uk

Paxton and Whitfield Seasonal Collection, 2.25kg – £67


Royal approval here so you are getting the best cheeses for your money. Some lovely traditional cheeses such as stilton, an award-wining cheddar, a smooth brie and some lovely little additions which include the Cerney Pyramid (goat’s cheese rolled in sea salt and ash) and a spreadable Mont D’or.

From: paxtonandwhitfield.co.uk

La Fromagerie High Mountain French Box, 1.1kg – £80


This is the perfect gift for a cheese lover as it comes already gift-wrapped with a bottle of white wine to accompany it. The cheeses are all French and include a soft Mont D’or, a strong Beaufort cheese and a creamy Bleu de Gex.

From: lafromagerie.co.uk

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