Top 5 Places to Visit in Venice

Italy. Possibly one of the most breathtaking and romantic places on Earth.

From the beautiful mosaics decorating Saint Mark’s Basilica, to the marvellous gondola rides along the Grand Canal, there really isn’t a place in the world quite like Venice. There are many things to see, and places to visit in this city, where past and present, tradition and modernity coexist in peace and harmony. Here are our top five picks:

The Islands of Venice

If you don’t have time to see all ten of the Venetian islands, at least make time for Murano, Torcello, and Burano. Although the sights to see are reasons enough for a visit, authentic Venetian crafts are also another—A visit to the islands will allow you to see how Murano glass, Venetian lace table cloths, and Burano lace dresses are made, and maybe even take some home with you.

The Castello District

One of the largest districts in Venice, the Castello District boasts of beautiful churches and works of arts. A must see is the Venetian Arsenale, which used to be an old 1600’s shipyard, as well as the Historic Maritime Museum, both of which afford a glimpse into Venice’s rich maritime past.

The San Marco District

Home to some of the city’s beset hotels, the San Marco District is definitely one of the most popular tourist spots in Venice. Not only that, it is also one of the easier districts in the city to navigate. From the breathtaking murals at the Saint Mark’s Basillica, to the Palazzo Ducale, to Saint Mark’s Clock Tower, there are multiple sight-seeing treasures to be found.

The Cannaregio District

Found along Venice’s northern shore, the Cannaregio District is by far one of the top historic districts to see in Venice. With fewer tourist traffic, you can enjoy the sights by walking along the Cannaregio Canal, or visiting the Ca’d’Oro Palace, as well as the Oratorio Crociferi, both of which house a small art museum, and carry artefacts of old Venice life.

The Santa Croce and San Polo Districts

The Santa Croce and San Polo Districts, like the San Marco District, are two of Venice’s most tourist-friendly districts, simply because they are situated right at the heart of Venice. Best enjoyed whilst on a walking tour, you can easily make your way to the San Giacomo Church, the Rialto Bridge, and a host of charming outdoor markets, among others.

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