Affordable Wedding Favors for couples with limited nuptial Budget

Silver Wedding Favor

If you are one of those couples who have limited budget to spend for their wedding day then you should look for affordable wedding favors that you can give to your guests without appearing cheap. There are many types of wedding favors that you can choose from without overwhelming your own pockets. Like what most people say, it is the thought that really counts. Therefore, it is not so important to spend so much on buying wedding favors that will just cut your budget short. You can definitely find wedding favors that can also appear expensive and elegant without making you feel that you have spent so much.

Fan Wedding Favor

One of the most affordable wedding favors is the fan wedding favor. This kind of favor will best suit a garden or beach wedding theme. The guest can immediately use it during the reception. This kind of wedding favor comes in different colors and shapes. It is up to you to choose the colors that will coordinate with your wedding motif. Be sure that the colors will complement with the designs of the reception so that the overall look of the wedding will not be compromised.

Mint Tin Wedding favor

Included in the list of affordable wedding favors is the mint tin wedding favor. You can fill the mint tin with different types of candies for the kids. You can also fill them up with bath confetti for your adult visitors. Some couples prefer to give their visitors kissing bells as their wedding favors. Kissing bells originated from the tradition wherein the bells are rang when the couple starts to exit the church. Kissing bells also comes in different sizes, colors and designs. The kissing bells can also be used by the guests if they want the couple to share a kiss.

One of the best ways to save money from purchasing expensive wedding favors is by creating them yourself. You can even make them more personalized by designing the wedding favors yourself. You can buy some art and craft materials that you can use to design simple boxes or figurines to make them appear expensive. Some guests prefer to have edible wedding favors like chocolate bars or cupcakes. If you have great baking skills, you can use your talent in creating some luscious treats for your guests. You can bake delicious chocolate bars and then wrap them with a packaging that displays your picture as a couple. You can also put your initials on the chocolate wrapper. These affordable wedding favors ideas can definitely help you to keep yourself from spending more than your budget.

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