The Spellbinding Guide to Throwing a Terror-ific Kids Halloween Party

The Spellbinding Guide to Throwing a Terror-ific Kids Halloween Party

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When I was growing up my Auntie used to throw the best Halloween parties ever; parties that my family still talk about today, ten years down the line. We always looked forward to this time of year as we knew we were in for a treat, a few tricks but, most of all, an exciting evening to tell all our friends about the next day at school. My Auntie had a great knack of keeping us entertained all evening and captivating our imaginations to provide us with a truly wicked Halloween experience. I still wish I could go to those parties now so here are a few tips for providing a memorable occasion for your children.

Go All Out

If you’re going to do it then it needs to be done properly. Take the time to decorate in line with the spooky theme and watch your guests look on in amazement when they lay eyes on your transformed house. Rewrite your address for the evening and use it on the invitations or to make a sign for your front lawn. You could live at ‘The house on the Haunted Hill’ or on ‘Skeleton Street’ for example. Take a similar stance with things like the games you are going to play and the food you are going to eat. You could propose a game of ‘Sleeping Witches’ or ‘Pin the Fangs on Dracula’ and offer your guests ‘Frankenstein’s fingers’ with a dollop of ‘blood’ instead of fish fingers with ketchup.

A Few Surprises

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without a few things going bump in the night. The extent to which you provide these may depend on the age of the children in attendance but this is always a good way to create an eerie atmosphere and a spine-tingling experience all round. Maybe the lights ‘accidentally’ go out during dinner or maybe a mysterious noise is heard outside through the window. If you’re feeling extra ghastly, why not get someone to don a mask and make an appearance in the garden. Believe me, there are still stains on the walls in my Auntie’s old house from various condiments that were uncontrollably squirted due the shock of seeing such a sight.

Organise a Showpiece

This can be the finale or extravaganza that your whole party is centred around. For my Auntie’s parties it was always the spooky treasure hunt that took place in her back garden. This was a reoccurring event year after year; it was the part that everyone looked forward to the most and was made even bigger by the anticipation that built while we waited for it to get dark. For this you need to stock up on Halloween themed paraphernalia. They don’t necessarily need to be expensive items, just small enough to hide in various places around the outside area of your house. A good idea is to buy a range of small things in abundance, such as chocolate ghosts or jelly snakes, and then have a few bigger things that you only buy one of to provide some rarer and more point worthy items on the list to find. Coupled with a concocted story about how the dreaded ‘Red-eyed Bat’ has been seen in the area lately or how the gruesome ‘Green-fanged Spider’ likes to hide in grassy areas at this time of year, these items will be sure to add a mysterious element to what will be a magical evening for your children.

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